Kids Area

We all know what it's like to be a child! It is being a hero, Indian or cowboy, believing in fantasies and thinking that the world is made of smiles and jokes, is enjoying the dream and the impossible, believing in the present moment with everything it offers, being free of prejudice and beliefs, having little patience and hurry, be born again every day, the adventure, the challenge, have a whole world to discover. Being a child is growing up!
Poder fazer parte desse crescimento é uma bênção e, por isso, Portugal Handpan Festival existe um espaço dedicado a todas as crianças!

Crescer a Ser School of Meditation and Conscious Development.

School created and developed by Mónica Magano, dedicated to the formation and regular sessions of meditation and conscious development, with children and youth, as well as various workshops for teachers, educators, therapists and families.

Since 2011, it has been training facilitators across the country, allowing more and more children and young people to access tools for self-awareness, mindfulness, and emotional education; both in schools and in private centers.

A unique and pioneering model that aims at a conscious growth of the Child, Youth and Family, from practices that guide towards education and emotional expression, development of attention, interiorization and liberation of expression, leading to balance and better knowledge of self. and the Other.


We will draw:

- a Mercury Handpan (kindly provided by Aitor)

– um Dugimago Handpan (gentilmente cedido por Duarte)

- A Mar Handpan (kindly provided by Maria and Ricardo) only for the volunteers present in this edition.

- a flyroll and a smarty bag medium-sized from Hardcase Technologies (kindly provided by Alessio).

 – um saco de protecção de handpan Namana Bags (gentilmente cedido por Elena).

– 2 Stands Omnia (gentilmente cedido por Ivan).

– T-shirts, cd´s, entre outros.

Participants with general pass are automatically eligible to participate in the sweepstakes with 2 raffles (can be picked up at the festival secretariat).

Whoever wants can buy for 20€each, raffle tickets for the draw, also at the festival secretariat.