Planeta Azul

Yoga with Sound Yoga with Sound is a trip inside each one! Music in India is closely tied to philosophy and sound can be classified as the vibration of ether and the vibration of air. The first corresponds to the music of the Pythagorean spheres, the sound inaudible to men, the untouched sound where the gods delight; and the second is the raw material of man-made music, the sound played. Yoga and sound combine harmoniously to bring our attention from thoughts to the body, from body to breath, from breath to essence. The goal is to stop the constant fluctuations of the mind and promote a practice with great benefits for both body and mind: - Relief of stress and stress-related constraints; - Stimulates mental clarity and memory; - Increased vitality and quality of sleep; - Stimulates creativity, concentration, ability to act and self confidence; - Greater mastery of problem and problem solving; etc. Together with the practice of asanas (yoga postures), having music as a mediator, we are able to reach a very deep state of relaxation and experience the ecstasy of inner and outer stillness. In sound yoga sessions we use the following instruments: Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, metal tubes, monchord, handpan, ocean drum and wind chimes. Everything in the universe is vibration. The silence itself has a vibration of its own. Enjoy this trip and enjoy this relaxation that is unique to each session and unique to each person.