Javier Prieto

Javier Prieto begins his career in 1995, when the progressive folkloric project “Cardamom” begins. His relationship with the flamenco world leads him to be part of several artists, such as playwright Salvador Távora, guitarist António Andrade or dancer Juan Rodríguez “Mistela”.
This same flamenco movement translates as his work as a trainer and critic. In teaching, he specializes in teaching flamenco, clap and cajon. He regularly practices at the Cristina Hoyos Flamenco Dance Museum, the well-known training center of the Flamenco Workshop, and conducts various workshops holding his own workshop to introduce flamenco “palos” through rhythm.
As a flamenco critic he writes for several publications such as La Flamenca magazine, La Voz de Jerez newspaper or the French digital publication www.flamencoculture.com.
He runs his own digital publication www.flamencoenvivo.com, covering events such as the last three festivals of Jerez or the last two Flemish biennials of Seville.
In 2005, he first came in contact with Handpan and his artistic projection suddenly changed. To the Flemish trajectory adds the foray into the world of oral narration as part of the group Living Story, first, and accompanying the narrator Momi Ogalla later. The world of poetry also claims it and, along with Carmen Carmen Camacho, shapes the VenusTrack program, which combines live verses, contemporary dance and Handpan, as well as sonic textures interpreted with electronic percussion and flamenco cajón. The poet Marta Fernandez Portillo and the artist Noemi Martinez will be next to share the scene and the projects with the percussionist of Cadiz.
Nine years ago, Javier decided to step forward and, for the first time, face your audience for you.
A solo concert by Handpan. A concert that almost involuntarily absorbs all past experiences and is colored with poetic or humorous stories between music and music. A review of the rhythm of flamenco on contemporary keys seeks the sound journey through a psychedelia that clings to the root music. An intimate encounter with the interior of those who hear and experience the harmonic magic of the Handpan.