Born on the 5th of January 1982 in Algarve, intuitive and self-taught in much of what he does, Johnny White soon began to feel the call to the more spiritual side of this plan. Since Life itself is a Spiritual experience, Johnny learns (through sharing with friends and a lot of enthusiasm) how to play the guitar and sing. He starts forming his band at 16 and then goes on a solo adventure. Always in the process of gradual transformation, there is a time in his life when he begins to feel misaligned and kind of lost, and that is when Reiki appears in his life.

He starts with Reiki and the whole process was so transformative that he decides to take the Three Levels of the Essential Method. And a whole new world opens in his eyes. Always following his intuition and relying on the process, the Universe and its visible and invisible Mentors, he partakes in various certifications in the area of Holistic Therapies, including Hatmara Merkava, Tibetan Cup Massage, Pranic Healing and Harmonic Singing.

He is then guided to begin integrating music as Medicine and creates Kior Therapy and begins making Sound Trips in various venues. A curious by nature, Johnny spends most of his time exploring the instruments and their benefits, studying and experimenting with the most varied ways to introduce sound into healing. Fascinated by Universal Energy in all its manifestations, Johnny White feels that his learning is from Everyone and that Everyone is his too. There is no separation in Energy and that is one of your great beliefs. We are All One