Khayalan is a group of Ethno-Contemporary and World Music, created and established in Lisbon, Portugal.

The name comes from Indonesian culture and simultaneously means Notion and Imagination, a concept that is deeply related to the music created by this project, due to its rich compositions and abundant improvisation.

Khayalan is a group of beings who, throughout their personal travels, have explored the sound of ethnic instruments, capable of stimulating the senses and perception of both those who touch them and those who hear them.

Together for their love of exotic musical instruments and cultures, Zé Cruz, Carlos Rodrigues (Kabecção) and João Jardim formed the group in 2012.
Eventually the group met the need to extend their musical and performance possibilities by welcoming Sebastião Bergmann as their fourth companion in their sound travels.

Its collective message invites the public to embark on a journey of sounds, sensations and emotions, reminiscent of ancestral cultures that shaped our modern society. At the same time, it presents a contemporary perspective on world music and its endless possibilities.

Overall, the group serves the purpose of sharing their songwriting and broad instrumental skills around the world, merging the harmonies of unique sound sculptures with sub-Saharan grooves and elaborate drone melodies, calling for a rediscovery of our universal roots. and an intimate inner flight.

Khayalan took their compositions to big stages such as: Salva-Terra 2013, Meo-Outjazz, FATT 2013/2014/2017, BoomFestival 2014, Le Rêve de L'aborigene 2015 (Airvault-France), Being Gathering 2017, among others.