Duarte "Saltyman" Salgado

Duarte Salgado is a percussionist from Camacha (Madeira Island), whose musical path is very diverse. Studying from Latin, African, Oriental, Indian, etc…. Always looking for new sounds, the aim is to experience distinct sounds to the max, even if it is in one instrument. For the percussion family is quite vast, and distinct.

More recently Handpan player, he chose as his first instrument a chromatic handpan (Spacedrum) whose purpose is to be able to play different scales in one instrument. Because most Handpans come on a specific scale, where notes have a different relationship to each other.

Participating from contests, plays, concerts on the island and on the mainland, he performed with a wide range of musicians from different musical styles from Madeira, mainland Portugal and internationally. Currently belongs to Xarabanda (Folk music), Camachofones (Street Performers), Vime (didgeridoo and percussion), Triângulo (worldmusic) and ORIUNDU (voice and percussion).