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30, 31 October and 1 November 2020

Teatro Sá da Bandeira - Santarém

Unfortunately, the Festival, as we had planned for March, was not possible for us, due to the various limitations that we are experiencing, in the last and troubled times.

- a Mercury Handpan (kindly offered by Aitor)


Bands, duets and solo performances

Kabecção is again the Festival Ambassador


We will draw:

– um Mercury Handpan (gentilmente oferecido por Aitor)

- a flyroll and a medium sized smarty case Hardcase Technologies (usually offered by Alessio).

 - a Namana Bags handpan protection bag (kindly offered by Elena).

- 2 Omnia Stands (kindly offered by Ivan).

Participants with a general pass are automatically entitled to participate in the sweepstakes, with 2 raffles.

Anyone who wants to can buy raffle tickets for € 20 each.

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